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A Journey of Riches
A Journey of the Riches, Making Changes is the 3rd anthology book that will move,encourage and inspire you to make positive changes in your life. Making changes gives you an insight into the lives of a variety of experts from all walks of life. Every individual has imparted their most profound and difficult changes, how they overcame them to live inspired lives today. A convincing read loaded with wisdom and heartfelt experiences that will leave you in awe. It doesn't make a difference what position you wind up in life, there is continually something positive that you can concentrate on. This book gives 12 distinct records of safeguarding through the test and finding the silver lining in the mists of change. It doesn't make a difference what you're experiencing at this moment; you can ensure that another person has experienced a comparable affair as you have. In light of that, lock in for the voyage of a life time. If you are looking for inspiration to get you through bad times, “Making Changes” is the book you should look for. Buy your copy today, and reveal your secrets of living a happy life. 

If you want to be on top of your game? A Journey of Riches is a must read with breakthrough insights that will help you do just that!~ Christopher Chen Entrepreneur In A Journey of Riches, you will find the insight, resources and tools you need for making changes in life. By reading the authors' stories, you too can be inspired to achieve your greatest accomplishments and what is truly possible for you. Reading this book activates your true potential for transforming you're life way beyond what you think is possible. Read it and learn how you too can have a magical life. ~ Elaine Mc Guinness Best selling author of Unleash Your Authentic Self!

You can empower yourself from the power within this book, that can help awaken the sleeping giant within you. John has a purpose in life to bring inspiring people together to share their wisdom for the benefit of all who venture deep into the book ‘Making Changes’ If you are looking for inspiration to be someone special this book can be your guide. ~Bill Bilwani Renown Melbourne Restaurateur
In “A Journey Of Riches: Making Changes”, the third book in the series, you will again catch the impulse to step up, reconsider and settle for only the very best for yourself and those around you. Penned from the heart and with an unflinching drive to make a difference for the good of all, “A Journey Of Riches” is a must-read.~Steve Coleman Author of “Decisions, Decisions! How to Make the Right One Every Time”. "An amazing collection of true stories from individuals who have overcome great changes and who have transformed their lives and use their experience to uplift, inspire and support others."
~Carol Williams, Author-Speaker-Coach

About The Writers
John Abbott
In 2011, and with nothing but a backpack, John and his wife made a decision to relocate to Bali. Over the years he’s really embraced and embodied the style of life that feeds his soul by challenging himself to give up so much of the old paradigms of living, thinking and being.
It’s a daily medicine, and it’s certainly not the easy or safe path to travel, however I know the light that’s on the other side of every dark, and I become more of the light every moment that I’m committed to this journey” John says.

John’s set up a global enterprise, Results Platform Foundation, to Promote Positive Change. His enterprise represents, as a marketing and sales agency, some of the most inspiring truth speakers from around the world helping them to better reach and Awaken their Audiences to their message. 

John has also set up the Campaign Mastery Academy training and coaching programs to help entrepreneurs understand what it takes to go to market, attract the audience they want and create an environment that supports them to truly magnify their magic in every way.
Dario Cucci
Dario works with businesses to show them how to increase sales through building better relationships with their customers. Companies often waste thousands of pounds trying to find new customers only to lose them in the first 12 months with poor customer care.
Keeping a customer happy and loyal is much less costly than finding a new one and Dario teaches a simple and practical approach to building lifelong loyalty and long-term sales.

Dario first learned how to sell in his twenties when he made his living from 100% commission based selling with Anthony Robbins Events and over the next 15 years he has developed his own Relationship Sales System that teaches how to build relationships that lead to sales and long-term loyalty.

Many of the Companies he has worked with recently increased their monthly sales by 300%, after following his Sales System.

Teresa Elliott
Teresa has overcome a decade of continuous trauma and has come out with flying colours. Now at 40 she is passionate about supporting people who suffer from Mental Health by Facilitating programs and being a Caseworker and Mentor for the last ten years.

Teresa is a mother of three beautiful children Hayden 9, Levi 6, and Maddison 4 with her husband Stuart. They live on the beautiful Central Coast in NSW Australia, just two hours north of Sydney.

Teresa is also a Reiki Energy Healer and on the path to transforming into an Urban Sharman. She is extremely passionate about the holistic approach to healing.
Teresa is Aboriginal, Maori and Mediterranean and raised in an Italian family. So she embraces culture!

Through ‘gratitude’ Teresa found her long lost brother overnight who was only a suburb away for 20 years from where she grew up.
Casey Plouffe
Casey Plouffe is a highly accomplished speaker, trainer, best selling author, and entrepreneur; currently one of the top income earners in an award winning, multi billion dollar health and wellness company. Casey discovered the power of gratitude and the secrets that rest inherent in one’s own thoughts and feelings at a retreat in 2013. Upon returning home, Casey aligned herself with a deep purpose of helping others develop their own spiritual, emotional, physical, financial, and relational health after her own personal breakthrough. Through her own life’s challenges, trials, and tribulations, Casey has gained a new understanding of these experiences which she champions as the catalyst that has empowered her to fully embrace the blessings and successes she enjoys today. Casey is now committed to helping others learn how they too, can have unsurpassed financial and personal freedom through the power of self-awareness and unlocking their true potential. 
Katrina Gulabovski
Lives in Sydney and works in the community service field. Passionate about making a difference in peoples’ lives, inspired by unlocking human potential, helping and assisting others by guiding them in the art of becoming the best versions of themselves, master their emotions and assisting them to create possibilities to live a life they love.

Life is a game, if it’s not working for us, we can level up and step it up. Problems can be turned into challenges to grow from and enjoy the process as life unfolds. As we evolve, it is a choice to begin making small shifts in perspective and creating possibilities to overcome those challenges. We can choose to be the artist of our lives to make the world a better place and to ignite the fire within. My legacy is to contribute to humanity and inspire others from my accomplishments and divine storms I have lived through in my own life.

Goro Gupta
Goro Gupta is a passionate individual whose mission in life is to set people free form their financial shackles and get them on their path to creating true generational wealth.
Working with some big names directly, like Anthony Robbins, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Richard Branson, Tim Ferris and even Mark Bouris – he has learnt quite a few lessons on how to live life to the fullest and the achieve mindset of the truly wealthy.

He also owns and manages 2 finance and mortgages broking firms as well as a property mentoring company teaching a select group of clients how to build a property empire of 10 properties in 10 years.
He started from humble beginnings where he could not attend school functions due to a lack of money. However, what he discovered on his journey to riches while creating passive income and accumulating over 25 properties will surprise you!

Kiri Devi
Kiri Devi was born Joan Mudge in 1948, the youngest of six children growing up on a farm nestled beneath the Flinders Ranges in South Australia.

Joan was a teacher and Deputy Principal in Schools for over 40 years.
She loves her 3 children, two grandchildren, family, and friends.
The gift of life’s challenging events has been a passion for studying Personal Development, Spirituality and Well-being. She is very grateful for many wonderful teachers and mentors.

While studying with Shanti Mission (Shanti a Sankrit word for Peace) Joan was given a Spiritual name, Kiri Devi which she is learning to grow into and contribute to raising awareness, consciousness and actions toward a sustainable, just and peaceful world for all.

Kiri Devi is currently continuing studies with Shanti Mission, The Robbins Madanes Center for Strategic Intervention, Authentic Education and creating a business Understanding For Peace.

Kelvin Kuan
In his former life, Kelvin Kuan was a marketing strategist and private consultant, working to sharpen brand differentiation, develop brand communication and promote brand identity. Having experienced a personal crisis of epic proportions, and over a period of recovery, he began to reevaluate his life goals and embrace change as a journey of personal discovery.

These days he lives somewhat off-the-grid while pursuing his interests in sustainable living, personal development, and community transformation.
If you believe that Kelvin can be of help to you, or what you are involved with, simply contact him at and connect with him. Drop him a line too about how you may have benefitted from his chapter in this book. Start a conversation and stay committed towards positive personal change!

Marcia Miatke
Marcia is a management consultant and executive coach who is passionate about leadership and personal mastery. She partners with her clients to accelerate their personal and professional growth by focusing on their unique requirements for bringing out their inner leader. Her coaching aims to maximise the individual’s performance and helps them push beyond their comfort zone to achieve the next level of success.

Marcia’s diverse experience comprises Not-for-profits, Start-up Entrepreneurial Ventures, Sales and Marketing, and Higher Education. Her career included several roles in Higher education including Strategic Planning Manager at Curtin University where she played a key role in strategy, business analysis, industry and competitive intelligence and analysis. Previously, Marcia worked in marketing as a top performing business-to-business sales team leader.

In 2014 Marcia was awarded an Australian Postgraduate Award (APA) Scholarship to undertake her PhD research at the University of Western Australia. Her PhD focuses on the business areas she is most passionate about, Leadership and Change Management.

In 2011 Zonta International awarded her the Jane M Klausman Women in Business Award. Marcia earned a bachelor’s degree in Management and Marketing and a first-class honours degree in Management from Curtin University.

Marcia lives in Perth Australia with her partner Ahmed and their three kids Adam, Lara and baby Aliyah.

Marina Marsden
Marina was born in 1982 to a mixed parentage. Her mother is of Indonesian origin and her father is a Malay Singaporean. Growing up in Singapore, she had a comfortable childhood followed by a more difficult school life. She couldn’t wait to leave high school; but didn’t know what she had wanted to do. She joined an expat club and worked on the front desk whilst she discovered herself. All she knew for sure was that she wanted to provide for her family.

She has recently re-discovered her strong passion for baking, which she has had since young. Her latest baking inspiration stems from her European adventures, visiting the various markets, delicatessens and sampling all the tasty treats. She is now married and living in Singapore with her husband and looking to open her high tea workshop where she will also provide one-on-one baking classes.

John Spender
John Spender is the creator of the best selling “A Journey Of Riches” book series. He has coached 1000’s of people to live a life they love. He is an international motivational speaker and the producer of the new film “Adversity” For more info: 

John started his first business at the age of 6 selling plaster of paris statues of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck with his older brother. He later delivered pamphlets, papers, collecting trolleys, delivering milk and many other ventures all before he was 16. At 22 he had his own landscaping company completing council and government contracts, after giving up on that business due to an emotional break down.

John learnt the value of a balance life, of invested in systems and the power of developing people to do the work for you, while they and the business grow together. He sold his last business for a healthy profit and began learning and studying about personal development and coaching with his journey taking him all around the world and learning many different modalities. That led John to transition into Coaching and Mentoring where he has now help over a thousands of people from around the world to live a life of freedom, fun and passion. He created the “A Journey Of Riches” book series and he is currently making a movie/doco about the gift in adversity. 
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